About Us

WE LOVE TO RUN! We love to accomplish personal goals, set new PR's and make new friends out on the trails. BUT we also know how incredibly BLESSED to be able to do all those things. The Lord has given us healthy bodies, beautiful nature and gifts to be able to run, and that is something we try to never overlook.

We created Blessed Runner for multiple reasons.

  • Fellowship- Our Instagram and Facebook is an awesome place to share God's word with each other, because we all know the amazing thoughts he can lay on us during a run.
  • Share the Lord- Hopefully our apparel can open the door to share the word of God with others.
  • Make and Impact- As we were creating Blessed Runner the Lord put an opportunity in front of us with In Sight Ministries. (Read about them) We will be donating 10% of profit from every single item we sell. For every shirt we sell it will pay the school fees for one child!